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Royal All In follows the same rules as Texas Hold’em; with sole exception, that only the cards from tens to aces are used (tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces).

With only two options (either you go all in or fold) and a stripped deck (tens and above), each hand in Royal All In will be action hand and holds a lot of excitement!

To shake things around a bit, one card from the flop will be revealed, before players get to decide to go all in or fold.

The difference between Texas All In and Royal All In is that there are only 20 cards in the deck; 5 community cards, 3 burn cards and 12 hole cards available for max 4 players.

How To Play

  • Min 2 players.
  • Max 4 players.

Game Rules
  • Game is set to auto buy in and auto top up. Purpose of the game is when all players share the same equity before the game starts.
  • Maximum and minimum buy in is 8 x big blinds (bb’s).
  • Auto top up once chips drop below 8 bb’s.
  • All in or fold after one card from the flop is shown.
  • Player will be kicked out from the table if he has insufficient funds to top up.
  • Players are allowed to reduce chips at any time without leaving the game.

  • 3% will be raked from winning player and/or players.